What We Do

Your custom-made foot orthotics are made of a plastic shell with added components for function and comfort. The added components wear out over time even though the plastic shells of your orthotics are fine. Custom-made foot orthotics often have posts on the bottom and layers of padded polyurethane or neoprene covers on top. Your orthotics may have heel lifts, arch supports, metatarsal pads, heel pads, pressure relief pads and vinyl top covers. The bottoms of your orthotics might have protective covers.

When OrthoRestore refurbishes your orthotics we strip your orthotics down to the original plastic shell. When OrthoRestore duplicates your orthotics, we mold a new plastic shell that is a precise copy of your old orthotics. Then, we replace all the original components of your foot orthotics with new material.

OrthoRestore replaces:

  • Posts on the bottom
  • Layers of padded covers on top
  • Heel lifts
  • Arch supports
  • Metatarsal pads
  • Heel cushions
  • Pressure relief pads
  • Vinyl top covers
  • Protective bottom covers
  • And every other component of your orthotics

OrthoRestore delivers refurbished or duplicated orthotics that look and function as your originals did when they were new. OrthoRestore can even replace your cracked or broken foot orthotics.

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