I love you guys – you always do a great job. In the past you have made orthotics for me from my existing orthotics. I recently had new orthotics made by my foot doctor. I would like to have 3 more pairs made. – Douglas

You guys do an awesome job and I really appreciate it. – Doug

Received shipment today. They seem to be rite on. – Gary

Just mailed you another pair of orthotics – Phyliss

They’re in my boots now.  You guys do beautiful work!  They may as well be “new”.  They didn’t look this good the first time I got them. – Michael

They look great and felt good yesterday.  I played tennis for 90 minutes and they seemed good. – Shirley

I received my orthotics and am quite pleased. thank you. – Clay

I’m putting another set of orthotics in the mail to you tomorrow. – Scott

Thank you for doing an great job restoring my orthodics! Thanks for the fast service! – Deda

I received the orthotics that you restored. Good job. I have 3 more similar orthotics in similar condition that need refurbishing. – Cesar

I got my orthotics this AM. They look great and I cannot thank you enough for all of your efforts. – Dan

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