Frequently asked questions

Q:  My orthotics have a plastic portion shaped like my foot. Can you restore these?
A:  Yes! This is what we do all day long. We cannot restore orthotics that do not have a plastic body or shell. Contact us if you are uncertain.

Q:  How long does your process take?
A:  We need two weeks to restore your orthotics to like new condition. Round trip shipping takes between four and six days. Let’s plan on three weeks door-to-door.

Q:  What materials do you use to restore my orthotics?
A:  We use the same fine materials used by prescription orthotic laboratories. The colors may be different, but the specifications will be the same or better.

Q:  Will you duplicate my original prescription?
A:  We will examine and measure your orthotics to determine the original prescription. All the original shapes, angles, and density of materials can be accurately replicated on your restored orthotics.

Q:  Can I request changes from my original prescription?
A:  Our service is to duplicate your original prescription. We can make your covers longer or shorter, but we do not recommend altering your prescription. If you have an unresolved foot problem, you should see a doctor.

Q:  I have more than one pair of shoes. Can I get an identical duplicate pair of orthotics?
A:  Yes, we can create an exact duplicate of your old orthotics. Please request this when you send them in for restoration. We need to have the orthotic apart to make the duplicate mold. If you order a duplicate orthotic without restoring your old ones, there will be an additional charge of $40.

Q:  Is shipping FREE?
A:  Yes, shipping both ways is always FREE. Your old, worn orthotics ship to us for free and we ship your beautiful, restored orthotics back to you for free. You will receive a prepaid shipping label when you order.

Q:  How can I send you my damaged orthotics?
A:  Print out and attach the label you receive in your email after you have made your purchase to the exterior of your package. Carefully pack your orthotics and a copy of your order confirmation in a padded envelope or sturdy box. Then give your package to your mail carrier or drop it off at any US Post Office.

IMPORTANT – Make sure to include a copy of your order confirmation with your orthotics.